Genocide Works

Isn't it ironic
Re: genocide Teutonic;

Everybody says,
"Never again."

In America,
Ongoing massacre.

For German youth, genocide is unreal;
No one knows any Jews.

Indians were disappeared
To invisibility. Percent surviving? Two.

Weeping and gnashing of teeth doesn't save
Hutsis when Tutsis are allowed to rampage.

Spain killed the Aztecs, killed them all
Darfur refugees still fall.

Who are the hurricane refugees?
The people trapped or those who could flee?

What is it in some human beings;
Lust for power or for blood.
What are their thoughts. Their feelings.

Will wise and peaceful rulers
Ever supplant these crueler fools?


The BBQ President

the meat of endless war;
slow-roast campaigning
to tenderize this lousy cut
helps digestion of the lying

B-B-Q -in-Chief
his common touch,
have a beer while he turns the spit;
"We like him 'cuz he's just like us"

BBQ and shoot from the whim,
it's not the truth he's cookin';
like a highway toad not lookin'
the truth is cooking him

but don't "misunderestimate"
his ability to "disassemble;"
his lackeys cook the intell,
Bush poisons the well

A Day in the Life of...

driving, young Iraqi man
with his English exam

behind him sees
two Humvees

a ramp, he slows
so they can go

guns blast
as they pass

he swerves off the road,
falls to the concrete below

(old man waits
fears his son's fate)

Army has no report
of conflict; (do they shoot for sport?)

doctor said, " hit twice in the head"
when he crashed to earth
he was already dead


Another GOP Mystery

The Republicans always brag about
being the party of the Founding Fathers,
so why, when Howard Dean agrees,
do they get all hot and bothered?

Who would the founders be
if not Christian and white?
(Not really, but this is assumed
by the Christian Right)