Planes, trains and the 9-11 Commission

Recall Our Lady of Condo-Leeza,
Speaking to Congress,
sweet as you please-until
Asked about a memo titled "Al Quaeda
Planning to attack from INSIDE America"?

She laughed, she tittered and she scoffed.
"Who could imagine this scheme or pulling it off,
Using planes as missles on targets hard or soft??"
BUT, it was tried before; come down from aloft!

Once upon a time President Nixon ruled.
His iron fist enraged a Crazy Dude
Who aspired to assassinate him
By crashing a airliner he had hijacked
Into the White House, with Nixon within.

The would-be killer and his gun
Boarded the airliner,
Shot several people;
He thought he had won.

Two of the injured were the pilot and co-
Hijacker couldn't fly; it was a no-go.

most passengers and crew were saved
The assassination blocked
By brains and bravery
Of a few local cops!

This was all on TV!
Yet it never entered the mind
of Condi?
the Military?
And she tops it all off with sneers, condescension
Toward people deserving respect
For their years of public service;
( government isn't just her invention.)


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