The Political Class

The discrepancy between rich and poor
is not explained simply by
their endless greed for more.

Evolution of unbridled capitalism;
question whether democracy
can survive this widening schism.

The powerful, the rich
historic for their deals;
the ante's reached a fever pitch.

Corporations have economies,
(the powerful rule the nations)
larger than the world's countries.

This has created a brand new class,
Their grasp on liberty is tight;
Democracy's expensive, reserved for the Political Class.

The Politicals know to keep us deprived:
People in need have no time or attention
To organize, to stop them. For centuries, they've survived.


The Ownership Society

The regime's philosophy
Like glove to hand, so neatly
Defines exactly who is free
In Ownership Society.

Their template is the rules
That the founding fathers used;
From fetid brains ideas oozed:
"Ownershipless folks are tools
For rich white males to disabuse

Of voice and vote and jury sit,
Of land (no women own it).
Black folks, not slaves, a 4/5 chit
To elect their kings;"

The Here. The Now.
You must ACQUIT!


King Bush

Every time he's on tv,
Our King walks on red carpeting.
Other presidents talked to the press
In spartan rooms, quite colorless.

His Highness- (is he high?
the pupils of his eyes
dilated, piercing, focused more
than they ever were before.)

- Bush devours freedoms
From within his mental kingdom,
And real countries, far and wide,
How? God's IN him, not merely at his side.
We find not only has he lied,
He's eaten up uncounted lives.

His appetite to rule unchecked,
But to us, the fearful hordes,
It's clear this system stacks the deck
For winning only by King Gorged.


Planes, trains and the 9-11 Commission

Recall Our Lady of Condo-Leeza,
Speaking to Congress,
sweet as you please-until
Asked about a memo titled "Al Quaeda
Planning to attack from INSIDE America"?

She laughed, she tittered and she scoffed.
"Who could imagine this scheme or pulling it off,
Using planes as missles on targets hard or soft??"
BUT, it was tried before; come down from aloft!

Once upon a time President Nixon ruled.
His iron fist enraged a Crazy Dude
Who aspired to assassinate him
By crashing a airliner he had hijacked
Into the White House, with Nixon within.

The would-be killer and his gun
Boarded the airliner,
Shot several people;
He thought he had won.

Two of the injured were the pilot and co-
Hijacker couldn't fly; it was a no-go.

most passengers and crew were saved
The assassination blocked
By brains and bravery
Of a few local cops!

This was all on TV!
Yet it never entered the mind
of Condi?
the Military?
And she tops it all off with sneers, condescension
Toward people deserving respect
For their years of public service;
( government isn't just her invention.)


Italian Hostage/ American Saint

Guiliana Sgrena loves news writing;
She had the truth about Fallujah
From survivors of the fighting.

Taken hostage then set free
By countrymen, heroically,
But she was shot and he was killed
By US troops they couldn't see
Trying to reach safety.

Marla Ruzica, from America,
Was there to count Iraqi dead;
"We don't record the dead civilians,"
The US Army said.

She was blown to bits by hidden bombs
meant to break the hearts of soldiers moms.

A week before she told friends
new information she had discovered:

The military DOES keep count
Of civilians bodies they'd recovered.