What has Thune Done?

"Spring Recess, Senators, go to your corners."
(Thune didn't come home to bask in his honors!
The Lobbying Senator answers each call
If he thinks it's the President passing the ball.
Throws constituents a bone like "fetus" or "flag"
South Dakotan's eat up his "brand new bag"!
He shows the world that his state's in the way;
Thune has bigger fish to flay!


At 4/14/2005, Blogger HL said...

WHJD (What has John done?)

Our clueless forgery John
Prays and stands for "Nay"
Our SD Senate Don Juan
Cares not what we say
It's Dubya’s hand he seeks
When he’s called, he squeaks.

(My apologies to Robert Frost, he was speaking of an worker ant, doubly ironic I think.)

At 4/14/2005, Blogger Doggerelle said...

Wow, hl, a real poet graced my bloglet! Thx for the grace gift you left. I checked out what I could of your various "appearances" around SD where I'm getting into some political action with a new 527 group "Citizens for a Stronger SD" and folks from Thunewatch.com. This midwest vacuum can percolate a person, eh? I'd link to you or whatever if I knew how!
My latest title for Him: WonderSuck.


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