Thune is Born-Again Greedy

Thune's got his panties
all up in a bunch
Or so it seems,
but he's following his hunch
That his constituents,
(not just Dakota)
the nation,
Are easily distracted
by HIS flaming fascination:
someone might burn our flag!
As horrible as fag-marrying-fag!
Thus Thune"helps" Americans,
keeping our minds
On great causes like these,
forget death-by- landmine.
Soldiers are wearing
our flag on their sleeves;
They mean nothing to Thune.
They don't meet his needs.
He'll stop all abortions,
an unseen threat
(Unwanted join the service;
recruiters don't have to sweat!)
Thune goes where the powerful are
He'll starve the poor;
he'll spread the war,
Not a leader
or even a politicker,
Like his pard' Gannon,
he's another ass-kisser.


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