Red Faces in a Blue State

Blue state, Blue states
Minnesota discriminates
Red man, Red men
Turning into Dead men

Blue state brain-damage in a Red woman
Father killed himself already
Boy commits assaults so deadly
Red mother barely got a mention

While false prophets rock-and-roll
About just one White woman's soul,
The Great White Mother**** flies in from the ranch
Signs laws for one woman; cuts funds to Tribes,
Equality 'cuz no one has a chance.

Starved, abandoned, overstretched,
Their culture wanes, no safety net.
Poverty, bad food, bad boozes
Now it's bad blood that oozes
From a Red waif who'd lost his last place in the world.
No hope, no school, no dad, no mom,
Just ask Emily Dickenson!*
The Red child's only way to say
"You can't fire me, I quit."

*This is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me,--
The simple news that Nature told,
With tender majesty.
Her message is committed
To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!
by Emily Dickenson




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Save Terri!

Terri, Terri, was that a real smile?
Did you or not want life for awhile?
Not knowing these answers
Drove the government. Wild.
Did you know about families whose soldiers are lost
Far away, no good reason, at terrible cost?
Jeb knows about them but he only wants you
Though lots of vets have brain-damage too!
The law says that you have a right not to live
But not euthanasia. They'll only give
The chance to starve and to thirst
Til you die. No injection. You're cursed.


Creationists Have Rights Too!

Face it, Darwin! Not everyone's an evolver.
And don't try to force it. Each has a revolver!

W is for War

W is for Warbucks
Who's your Daddy?


White House Makes Ads look like News

Who is making a report?
Is it real or blood sport?

Are these facts or just opinions?
Are these citizens or minions?

White House admits it "paints roses red"
Told it's illegal, says "Truth is dead."


DeHammer's been DeLaying

DeTruth DeNIES.
DeDems DeCries.
DePrez DePends
DosFriends DeLuxe!
DuhMericans getting Deducted
in new creative ways.
An evolution right from Texas
get deducted again, every day.


Neo-Con Artist

Halliburton's profits made
Our VICE president gets paid
By US soldiers lives being laid
To rest.


Thune is Born-Again Greedy

Thune's got his panties
all up in a bunch
Or so it seems,
but he's following his hunch
That his constituents,
(not just Dakota)
the nation,
Are easily distracted
by HIS flaming fascination:
someone might burn our flag!
As horrible as fag-marrying-fag!
Thus Thune"helps" Americans,
keeping our minds
On great causes like these,
forget death-by- landmine.
Soldiers are wearing
our flag on their sleeves;
They mean nothing to Thune.
They don't meet his needs.
He'll stop all abortions,
an unseen threat
(Unwanted join the service;
recruiters don't have to sweat!)
Thune goes where the powerful are
He'll starve the poor;
he'll spread the war,
Not a leader
or even a politicker,
Like his pard' Gannon,
he's another ass-kisser.

Negroponte for Security??

Negroponte's special skills?
He sets up death squads. Their kills
Disappear folks who MIGHT cause trouble.
Their bodies now part of anonymous rubble.
What if he starts death squads here?
If he does but only kills the queer
Will you stand clear?
And if he comes for the atheists?
Can you tolerate the taste of it
(The blood on your hands for ignoring it)?
The Democrats? (They're a bunch of rats)
The Muslims? (I'm tired of 'em)
The Blacks? (I hate how they act)
And you? Face death alone? How cruel.

Hell's Logic

If War is Hell
Then Bush is Satan

GannonGate's in South Dakota!

When the GannonGate swings wide?
You'll find Bush-goon Thune INside!